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Loss is a dominant theme of old age.  Even expected losses can shape an older adult's life in powerful ways.

Role Identification

Older adults express a desire to be useful.  They may struggle with self-worth and purpose as they age. 

Reduced Independence

When older adults can no longer do simple things for themselves, like grocery shopping, driving to appointments, and house cleaning, they may feel they are a burden to others. 

Limited Social Contact

Social interaction is key to emotional well-being.  Older adults may lack social opportunities even when they are among peers. 

Limited Mobility

Older adults may have fears associated with falling or being otherwise limited in movement.  This may foster increased isolation.

Displacement From Home

Moving to a senior living community or long term care facility may be inevitable for older adults.  This "move" can symbolize a transition to the unfamiliar. 

Emotional Struggles

Symptoms related to anxiety and depression are often experienced by older adults in response to the various changes they endure.  They may have difficulty adjusting. 

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